This process captures and synthesizes information from a group process, speaker or event in real-time. The final product can be shared to participants and it is also a great way of attracting public attention on social media.

Event Recording (Scribing) – Best for keynote presentations and event workshop sessions. The original large boards are incredible free-standing artifacts that display and reinforce core themes during events. Digital versions can be made available post-event to continue engagement and to re-visit content.

Visual Meeting Notes – Drawn live to directly engage with meeting content in real-time, everyone benefits from seeing themes evolve and align through visuals. The final piece can be used in a variety of contexts and to re-visit at future meetings.


This process combines structured facilitation with co-creative visual recording (scribing). Graphic facilitation requires effective planning and clear process goals in advance of the live event. 

Graphic Facilitation – Planned in consultation with the client, this process may include pre-designed visuals, or existing templates, that assist in pulling specific content from the group. Alternatively, a large format board can be illustrated live to respond and react to conversations and insights as they emerge, while keeping clear goals in full view .

Custom Chart Design – Designed in consultation with the client, these pieces aim to gather specific information that will work towards achieving a goal. The pre-drawn charts are then filled in real-time while the participation of the group is facilitated.


Polished visual pieces crafted in my studio can be based on meeting notes, vision charts, strategic plans, logic models, data dashboards and so much more. These are pre-designed, edited and polished illustrative pieces that can be used to effectively share content.

Custom studio work is ideal for:

  • Promoting strategic visions

  • Team journey maps

  • Project timelines

  • Annual reports and decision making processes

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